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Hi, I’m Stelio Silva and I pioneered in offering an exclusive trifecta of Sushi services in Maputo, Mozambique.

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Sushi Maputo

Hi, I'm Stelio Silva, a trailblazer in the realm of in-home sushi dining services, personalized in-home sushi classes, and comprehensive hotel staff training. With unwavering dedication, I bring the delicate flavors and traditions of sushi to discerning palates in Maputo, Mozambique.”

My passion for sushi started at Hotel Tofo Mar in Tofo in the Inhambane area, and I’ve continued to perfect my sushi-making craft ever since.

In 2016 I moved to Maputo to continue my work as a sushi chef at Guilty Gin & Sushi Bar.

It's then when the idea got born to continue my work as a solopreneur and I pioneered in setting up an in-home sushi catering, sushi class and Hotel staff training service in Maputo.  

I, Chef Stelio, I provide delicious and unique sushi dishes that everyone will enjoy. Whether it's a small gathering of friends or a large corporate event, I'm here for you!

Unforgettable sushi experience

The sushi ingredients are all sourced locally with the exception of salmon and I always come up with new sushi platters that use the freshest and most flavourful ingredients.

I'm also very flexible in terms of dietary requirements and I can offer vegan, gluten-free and other alternative sushi dishes.

My passion and aim are to provide you with an unforgettable sushi experience and I'm confident that my creative and delicious sushi dishes will make your event a big success.

Sushi Chef 

What else is interesting to know about me? I grew up in Inhambane and I've managed to climb up the social ladder by setting myself ambitious personal goals.

For example, I've taught myself English, because I knew it would support me immensely in my career.

It helped me for example to take an English-spoken Yoga Teacher training which I completed at Turtle Cove in Tofo in Mozambique. Becoming a certified yoga teacher is one of the many paths I've taken.

The focus, discipline and endurance that I needed for my Ashtanga Yoga practice has helped me to fulfil my biggest dream: To become a sushi chef, which I've completely dedicated myself to. 

When we meet, I'll be happy to share my stories with you. There is just so much we can learn from each other and I'm always eager to know more about life and the opportunities it brings.

❝Sushi and Yoga, what else do you need in life?❞

Contact Chef Stelio for a private sushi chef experience

Chef Stelio offers a one-of-a-kind private sushi chef experience for any occasion. With years of experience in creating sushi dishes, Chef Stelio provides a unique experience for your next dinner party, home sushi class, or restaurant Chef training. or Fill out the form to get in touch with Chef Stelio and find out more.

Stelio Silva Hallar | [email protected] | +258 845 4900 17

➥ I speak English and Portuguese /Falo inglês e português.

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