Experience the Art of Sushi with Chef Stelio

Explore Maputo’s first-ever Sushi Quadrifecta, encompassing In-Home Dining, In-Home Classes, Pop-up Sushi Events , and Chef Mastery Training tailored for Hotels and Restaurants.

Welcome to Chef Stelio

At Chef Stelio, we believe that every meal is an opportunity to create memories, celebrate flavors, and connect with others. Our passion for sushi transcends mere cuisine—it’s an art form, a symphony of taste, and a journey of discovery.


Sushi Catering Maputo

Chef Stelio provides sushi catering services for special private events. Contact him near you in Maputo. 

His offerings include:

✔ In-home Dining

✔ In-home Classes

✔ Hotel staff Training

✔ Pop-up Sushi Events


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Chef Stelio - Sushi at Home

Chef Stelio offers private sushi catering services and he expertly prepares sushi and sashimi for you and your guests in the comfort of your own home. Stelio’s passion extends to teaching. Join his interactive classes and unlock the art of sushi-making. From beginners to enthusiasts, everyone can roll their own culinary masterpieces. With his years of experience and mastery of the sushi culinary arts, you can expect an unforgettable private sushi chef experience.


Hi, I'm Stelio!

Welcome to Chef Stelio, your premier source for private sushi catering in Maputo. I will create a unique and memorable meal for you and your friends, family and/or colleagues. I specialize in top-quality sushi creations and have 10+ years of experience of working as a sushi chef.  My attention to detail and dedication to providing exceptional customer service make me the perfect choice for your special dining event, sushi class or customized training for Hotel Staff. Contact me today to learn more about my services and to book your private sushi chef.

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Contact Chef Stelio's Private Sushi Catering Services - Maputo

Whether you’re seeking the finest sushi dining experience, hosting a kids’ sushi class, or arranging hotel staff training, connect with Chef Stelio’s Sushi Services. Let’s turn your sushi-filled event into a delightful reality. Get in touch today and start planning your special occasion

Stelio Silva Hallar | [email protected] | +258 845 4900 17

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